The powerful POS system that easily integrates to your ERP and e-commerce platform

LS One is a feature rich, quick-to-learn and extremely resilient Point of Sale (POS) system. Serve your customers faster and better, perform store operations on mobile devices and manage your stores more effectively with LS One

  • Make your staff mobile in-store with mPOS and inventory on mobile devices
  • Run an omni-channel business: LS One integrates with your e-commerce platform
  • Reduce capital binding in inventory through effective stock management
  • Gain a real-time overview of your business as ERP and POS communicate instantly
  • Customize the system to your needs: thanks to the open source architecture
  • Run an international business: LS One is available in multiple languages

Point of Sale:
Speed up your check-out procedures and enhance your customer service with a feature-rich Point of Sale that is known for its ease of use. You can also customize the POS layout to fit your needs.

In-store mobility:
Serve customers, give information about products and close transactions anywhere on the shop floor with the mobile POS. Empower your staff members to perform inventory tasks, from stock counting to delivery processing, wherever they are on handheld devices.

Customer, price and offer management:
Easily manage customer accounts and loyalty programs. Encourage customers to return with personalized prices and discounts, and enable them to collect loyalty points and spend them in-store

Optimal stock control:
Manage item information easily from your back office and POS system. With LS One you can maintain optimal inventory, replenish your stock and transfer items between your stores

Centralized control:
Get your business processes under control with LS One gives you all the tools you need to run your retail business centrally. Manage your staff and keep track of your whole operation from head office

Business insights:
Optimize your business strategy with LS One features rich reports that will help you visualize and understand your business’s key facts and take informed decisions regarding your company’s future. You can easily add customized reports to the system

Easy setup:
Opening new locations with LS One is straightforward: the profiles are designed for easily repeatable setup, so you can be quickly operative and ready to sell

Integration framework:
LS One can be easily connected to your current ERP or e-commerce platform through its intelligent Integration Framework. Use LS One as your front office, to handle your sales and customer-facing tasks. Thanks to the seamless flow of data from the ERP or e-commerce to the POS and back, your key data will always be correct and upto-date. Change any price, item quantity or description in the back office, and see the change immediately reflected at the POS

Set up LS One using the deployment and licensing model that best suits your business needs and your budget. It comes with Subscription and Perpetual license options.